Afraid To Fly

Dominic Trevino had been called a lot of things.
But he was most notoriously known as Dirty Dom.
Because that was who he was…for the most part.
It just wasn’t all he was.

His tortured past was as stained as his licentious reputation, and that was exactly how he’d designed it. It was the only way he knew how to cope with the ghosts that still kept him caged in horror and self-loathing. But the day Raven came tearing into his life—her temper as hot as her teeny tiny shorts—he knew he could never be placated with faceless hook-ups again. Still, he couldn’t let her see who—and what—he really was inside.

Raven freed him from his past…freed him from his pain.
She saved him.
Even though she didn’t believe he was even worth saving.

From the author of New York Times bestseller, Fear of Falling, comes a full-length, spin-off standalone about unbreakable friendships, the power of healing, and learning to love through forgiveness.